FolderSort 1.1

FolderSort allows to sort files within the required folder
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Sometimes it’s very important to have all files in a certain folder sorted in a particular way. The problem is that Windows Explorer doesn’t show files in their actual order. The use of DOS box can prove this fact. FolderSort by Damien Burke is an application that allows to sort files within the required folder. By the way, you can install it as a shell extension. If you choose this option you will be able to right-click on folders and sort them by clicking on a new menu item ‘Sort’. In this case you won’t have to launch FolderSort every time. The program has an intuitive interface that contains only one window. You can select any directory for sorting. Sorting can be performed in four ways: by name, by name (reversed order), by extension or by extension (reversed order). The latest version of FolderSort supports sorting in subfolders, so you don’t have to sort each of them manually. The application has a very small size and low system requirements. The main disadvantage of FolderSort is its old-fashioned design.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Tiny size


  • Old-fashioned design
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